What pet is the best choice for you?

It is not a secret that not every animal suits every person. It is important to find out what pet is the best choice for you because it will become your best bud, maybe even your roommate for a long time. Choose wisely and provide a harmonious relationship between you and your animal. We made you a list of the most common pets you should consider getting.

Choice No. 1: Does a dog suit your lifestyle?  

Dogs are probably the most usual pets everybody gets. It’s not without the reason. They are well-known as loyal friends, gentle souls, and easily trained. If you have patience enough you can make a dog your best friend for life!

The only thing you should think about before getting a dog is walking possibilities. The dog must be walked outside, at least 3 times a day. If you live in a house and have a backyard big enough so the dog can run in it, taking dog for a walk will not be a problem. If you live in a building and don’t have some green space near, you should be ready for some ups and downs of the stairs.

Having a dog is a great way to improve your health and physical condition on a higher level. Also, it could help introverts to meet new people in a park and gain friendships. You will spend more time in the open air and extra physical activities would be great for you and your dog.

A dog will boost your mood and energy every day, be sure. With those puppy eyes will melt your heart and fill your soul for a long time!

Also, they are very good with youngsters so if you have kids the best choice you can make is to own a dog. Children who grow up with dogs have better chances to become good persons and develop empathy in early age. Some breeds are especially good with children like Golden Retrievers (remember the Air Bud movie?) and Poodles.

Choice No. 2: Does a cat fit your personality? 

These sweet creepy little nightmares… 

Unless you are allergic to a cats, this could be your ideal pet match.

Cats are very independent animals, they don’t require any special care. No need to take it to the park for a walk, they can go alone or not go at all. If you learn to use cat litter, maybe there will be no need for the cat to go outside.

Most of the day cats sleep, eat, and repeat.

If you work remotely, you should probably be glad for your cat to sit in your lap while working. It is proven that cats have a positive influence on stress release and working productivity.

Cats like to purr. Besides this might be pleasant for both of you, but there are health benefits to purring. It is proven that helps with the blood pressure of the owner, releases endorphins- the hormone of happiness and helps prevent illness. Don’t deprive yourself this purrfect pleasure!

The only problem might be scratching. From the furniture to the owner. Also, it is not uncommon for cats to bite. However, most of the time they are not crazy and behave well.

Sometimes cats are moody. You can easily do something they don’t like. But don’t worry, take your time to know each other and gain trust. A cat can easily become your soul mate! 

Are fish a good choice for a pet? 

For sure, fish are great to have as a pet. If you are searching for a pet that doesn’t need to be trained and doesn’t require your time or some special care then the fish is a great choice for you. 


You just need to provide a large enough aquarium with quality water, the necessary light, and fish food twice a day. From time to time, you should clean it and change the water but it is not so difficult to do. 

There is also a theory according to feng shui principles, that any form of water aquarium in the house removes negative energy. Also, it helps relax and could be a very decorative part of the house interior. 

You can choose between many fish types as Crowntail Male Betta Fish in different colors, Goldfish (if treated well maybe it will allow your 3 wishes to come true), Guppies, Zebrafish, and even some shark species could become pets!

Are rodents good pets?

By rodents as pets, we mean some type of hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse, and even rat (if you are not scared of them) that can be bred as a pet. 

They don’t require special care. You should feed it twice a day and every day to clean the cage. 

Rodents have a bad reputation because of the justified fear of infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. But, if they are bought from a controlled kennel and treated correctly, they will be safe and healthy. 

Also, there is a widespread prejudice that rodents can’t be easily trained. The truth is, they are very intelligent and fast-learning animals. Could be extremely loyal to its owner. 


The only problem is that their lifespan is not so long (it depends on rodent type but mostly between 1-6 years) so better be prepared. For sure, the time you will spend with your rodent will be quality and worth it.

Recommendation for the bravest 

If any of the pets on the previous list is not interesting to you, maybe you should consider having an unusual pet. There are a lot of other possibilities such as horses, lizards, spiders, axolotls, scorpions, snakes, and even some exotic species.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have good living conditions for that kind of pet. Be aware that animals sometimes need vet aid that you should provide. 

Before deciding which animal will choose, you should consult the legal possibilities of your country. There are some protected species and not every animal is allowed to be kept as a pet. It depends from country to country.
We are sure a pet will enrich your life and you’ll make a special deep connection. You will get better psychological well-being and feel less lonely. If possible, adopt a lost animal and do some good deeds.

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