Pit Bull family–who are the members?


This time we will find out who else is part of this big family, a family that unfortunately a lot of people don’t like and are reluctant to take as their pets. Maybe one Pit Bull will win your heart and become part of your family.

American Pit Bull Terrier

 This dog, like its relatives, is not for everyone. If you decide for him, you must be prepared for strange looks from other people directed at you as the owner, and also at the dog. Likewise, if you are not ready to set aside your free time to teach your pet various commands and discipline, then he is not for you.

He is a very hardy, strong, stable dog, and has a strong desire to learn and socialize. Therefore, if he grows up with your children, he will be their best friend.


Type: terrier,

Height: 35-60cm,

Weight: 10-60kg,

Lifespan: 12-16 years.

American Staffordshire terrier

General appearance:

This is a very well-built dog, agile, and muscular, but gives the impression of grace. Very active and always follows what is happening in the environment. The body should not be too long, but not too short.

Head: Medium length, wide skull, cheek muscles are very pronounced, and ears are set high.

The ears are short and erect. They shouldn’t fall at all.

Pit Bull

The eyes are set low and widely spaced. They are dark, and round.

The muzzle is of medium length, rounded, in the upper part, and suddenly narrows below the eyes.

The jaw is strong and prominent.

The neck is of medium length, slightly protruding, narrowing from the shoulders to the nape of the neck.

Shoulders: Strong and muscular, shoulder blades wide and obliquely placed.

Body: Ribs are long towards the back, set close to each other.

Legs: They are far enough away, which allows for a stable walk and proper posture, as well as the correct development of the wide breasts. The front legs must be straight, the bones strong and rounded, and the forearms firm and straight.

The hind legs are very muscular, and the shins are lowered and do not turn in or out. The paws are medium-sized, compact, and firm. The step should be elastic, the dog must not wobble while walking.

Coat: Short, dense, firm to the touch, and shiny.

Tail: Short compared to height, set low. It gradually thins towards the top, itis not twisted, nor is raised above the back. It must not be cut.

Weight: They are known to be slender lines. A height of 45.72 cm to 48.26 cm is preferred for males and 43.18 cm to 45.72 cm for females.

 Color: All coat colors are acceptable, except completely white, black with a fiery red hue, and liver color. Staffordshire bull terrier

Its characteristics are slightly different from the previously mentioned relatives.

He is muscular, agile, dexterous, and stable, with a noticeable desire for many activities. If he is raised properly, he will be an ideal companion in the life of you and your children. Adult dogs are 36-41 cm tall, and adult males weigh 13-17 kg, while females weigh 11-15.4 kg.

The color variants are no different from their cousins.

Health: Pit Bulls have predispositions to some genetically transmitted eye disorders, so it is necessary to take them for an examination from time to time.                                                                                              

Here is one of the interesting facts about these dogs:

Pit Bull, a war veteran

Namely, during the First World War, a Pit Bull named Stubby fought bravely and was wounded twice, fortunately, he survived. During the war, he saved the entire platoon from a gas attack, pulled out one soldier by one, and even captured a German soldier. He lived out his old age in the White House.

Here is proof that these dogs are unfairly labeled as “dangerous”.

It is very important to know how to approach them, show them that you accept them as they are, and the most important thing is not to be afraid of them. They feel and adopt your every emotion. Awaken the most beautiful nature in them and watch the magic. Be patient in working and training with them, because anger and rage can cause big problems in your relationship with your family, and you certainly don’t want that. This is a breed that learns very quickly and absorbs a model of behavior. However, you should not expect overnight results. Work on their socialization, both with people and with other animals.

Do not pay attention to the negative comments, because you are raising these dogs. True, if you decide to have a Pit Bulls as a pet, you must be prepared for condemnation and disapproval from the environment. But it’s okay to be different and special.

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