Pit Bull as a pet

Bearing in mind the stereotype related to Pit Bull, that they are aggressive and antisocial, it is not surprising that a small number of people choose to have him as their pet. Let’s explore what people who live with them have to say about this topic.

Pit Bull
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Why is Pit Bull the right choice for your family?

  •     1. does not require constant hair maintenance (cutting)
  •     2. are not prone to market diseases
  •     3. They are loyal and affectionate
  •     4. they are excellent guard dogs
  •     5. they love children
  •     6. require constant physical activity (to mutual satisfaction)

  What does it mean that Pit Bull does not require constant hair maintenance?

Their hair is short, so it looks tidy. Daily combing is recommended, which will make the coat shiny. For the best hair quality, proper nutrition, supplemented with vitamins, is required. Many owners are mistaken when they think that constant bathing and shampooing will maintain the dog’s proper hygiene. In fact, by frequent treatment of the skin with various shampoos, it dries out and loses the fat that protects it from the cold. If there is excessive dryness, the organism will begin to absorb the fat it lacks, and as a result, it has a strong, unpleasant smell. Therefore, to maintain proper hygiene, regular brushing and, when necessary, rinsing with lukewarm water is sufficient.

Pit Bull is not susceptible to more serious diseases

It should be emphasized right away that the Pit Bull will not be spared from puppy distemper or other infectious diseases. In this regard, vaccinate them regularly, clean them of internal and external parasites, because by neglecting this, there is a risk of serious diseases, such as tick fever, or Babesiosa, which, if not detected and treated in time, will be fatal. However, diseases such as kidney, heart and respiratory diseases are minimal.

Loyalty and attachment

These character traits seem to be the least attributed to them, although believe it or not, they do have them. You need to work on gaining their trust and affection from their earliest age. Dogs absorb your behavior, so if you treat them well and honestly, be sure that they will be like that, even better towards you. If you succeed in this, be sure that you have made a friend for life.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull as a guard dog

We believe you will agree that this role suits them. Their attitude and the appearance of their legs to scare. For this reason, people take them, most often to protect the yard or cottage from the arrival of other people or animals. Know that if he feels safe in you and your family, you will feel safe with him wherever you go, without fear that he will attack others on the street.

Pit Bull as Nanny

Yes, you heard right! Throughout history, this dog was known for being caring and gentle towards children, which is also recorded in scientific literature. This epithet has been “bearing” since 1900, but, unfortunately, few people know about this information. It is very important that you teach your child from the beginning that a pet is not a toy and that it must not be rough with it.

Multiple importance of physical activity

We all know how important physical activity is. We are taught this from childhood. You know the saying: “In a healthy body, a healthy mind.” This is exactly the same for dogs, especially dogs like this, full of energy, eager for play and action. Just like in the human world, when you are a child, you are full of energy, restless, and you must have done something not so good from time to time. The same thing happens in the dog world, only some are calmer by nature, and some are not.

Like it or not, the Pit Bull falls into the second group. Adequate physical activity is the solution. Also, physical activity reduces the dog’s potential aggressiveness. If you start taking your dog for a walk, run, or take him for a walk or run alongside you while you ride a bike, you will see how much you will change your opinion about these dogs. It is necessary for the dog to learn the basic commands, so that he does not leave you in public and does what he wants.

But be careful! From your approach to him during learning, there must be no outbursts of anger or aggression. He will learn best if he sees it as a game. It would be best to practice it every day for at least 2-3 hours a day.

Discipline is the most important thing. If you have space, make a parkour where they can jump over various obstacles. Teach him to bring the object. In this way, you will understand that these dogs are not really the way they are presented in the media. Give them a chance.

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