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When a person seems interesting to us, we want to get closer to him and get to know him better. How are we going to do it? By talking to her, in order to find out as much as possible about her, her habits, interests, personal characteristics, and so on. We will do the same in our texts about this, not so popular dog community. The Pit Bull family includes American bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier and others. However, these are only some of the most popular types. In the following texts, we will deal in more detail with the types and breeds of Pit Bulls.

To begin with, let’s familiarize ourselves with their origin, ancestors, characteristics and everything related to this breed, so that we can start to look at them in a different way and be less afraid of them. 

ORIGIN: At the very beginning, we must emphasize that today’s Pit Bull was created by crossing a bulldog with a terrier, in order to obtain a more agile, physically durable dog, created for fighting in the ring. 

Where do Pit Bulls come from?

The ancestors of the Pit Bull came from England to North America, along with the arrival of English settlers. These dogs are descended from English bulldogs.

Pit Bull
By K84m97 – Unknow photograph from 1914, Public Domain,

NOTE: the English bulldog at that time was nothing like today’s.

What is their purpose?

For a long time in England, the English bulldog was used to fight against large animals, such as bears, wolves, bulls… However, at the beginning of the 19th century, such fights were banned, but another type of fight was introduced – dog fighting.

Now, when we have briefly familiarized ourselves with the history of this breed, let’s get acquainted with their structure, which at first sight is terrible.

What is the musculature of a Pit Bull?

Physically, they are recognizable by a wide skull, a strong, muscular body (if properly trained), a large jaw, but also by a wide, strong chest, covered with short hair.

Height and weight

The average height of males is 45-53 cm, weight 11-29 kg, while the height of females is 43-50 cm, and weight 13-27 kg. Their lifespan is 12-16 years.

What kind of temperament are they?

There is a popular misconception that these dogs only have their own dangerous side. The majority of people think that they only bite and that they don’t know how to be kind and cuddly. That, many experts say, is a fallacy. The scientific side believes that the owner’s attitude and behavior play a big role in the formation of their behavior. Because a dog, just like a child, adopts the behavior of its guardian (we will discuss this topic in more detail in one of the following articles).

By Various, see description. Compiled by User:Oknazevad – See description, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Let’s try to understand them

What we must keep in mind is that this type of dog has been used since its creation to defend herds of sheep and cows from large animals. Therefore, it is in its types genes to defend itself if it feels threatened. If we consider the main characteristics, we will understand why so many people consider them the most dangerous dogs in the world. These are: endurance, dexterity, loyalty, reliability.

Science against prejudice

A study was conducted on the basis of which scientists from the field of veterinary medicine came to the conclusion that the Pit Bull is no more dangerous than the Golden Retriever in terms of aggression. Based on this data, we can easily come to the conclusion that looks are really deceiving. At first glance, they are cute, but in fact they can be unexpectedly aggressive if they feel the need. Also, aggression can be a response to your ruder behavior towards them. It is present also if you persistently do something they don’t like. After all, we forget that animals are also beings that have expressed feelings.

Recommended diet

It needs to be varied. This includes chicken, beef, live egg (as a substitute for meat), carrot and apple. It is important to give them in a balanced way because of high blood sugar and therefore obesity. Granules are not recommended because they do not contain nutrients. A large number of veterinarians consider granules to be responsible for kidney disease, due to an excessive amount of salt.

The importance of physical activity for Pit Bull

The question arises, how can all the amount of energy that a dog gathers be used properly? The answer is physical activity. Any dog trainer will advise you to take your pet for a run, which, you will agree, is not a bad idea. But, before all this, it is advisable to be well informed about these dogs, and learn the basic commands, with the guidance of a professional. Thus, the probability of an unwanted situation in which you may find yourself will be greatly reduced.


The Pit Bull has an incredible jaw strength of 900 kg/cm2. For the purpose of comparison, a Rottweiler has a strength of 500 kg/cm2. The grip of the Pit Bull is equal to the pressure of a hydraulic press for bending sheet metal.

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