We believe there is no need to emphasize or explain the importance and benefits of having a healthy, strong bond with a pet you have. This is what all animal lovers dream about. But how to achieve it? How do people create a trust-based lifelong connection with their sidekick? These are some tips and tricks (works with dogs and cats as most common pets) we set aside for you that might help you to develop unconditional love and support as long as deep connection with your very special friend:


This is condition no.1 for creating a strong bond between an animal and its owner. This implies some quality time with the pet and paying attention to it. Just being present together doesn’t mean much for the kind of bond we want you to create. Let the pet feels like a part of your life. Include it in your daily activities and participate in your routine. If possible, bring your pet with you for some social event or shopping. Go together to a pet shop and buy a pet snack. Do things together. The pet will enjoy it.


There are two types of communication between living beings: verbal and nonverbal. Both are equally important for building good communication and a strong attachment between two souls. 

Talk to your pet often. It is proven that pets can understand the meaning of many human words. It’s a big help to the connection between the owner and the animal. They also understand the tone of your voice. Pets are empaths, feeling everything you feel and noticing your mood changes even if you are trying not to show it. Animals just can’t be fooled.

Watch your body language. Adjust your gesture to the pets’ understanding. Be sure that words are followed by proper body language and nonverbal communication.

Bonus tip: eye contact can do miracles! When talking to an animal watch it with your eyes. It will help it to be sure who are you talking to and will catch its attention to your words.

PLAY TOGETHER: the best way to make your bond stronger

Who doesn’t love to play games? It is the best way to feel happiness and joy, release stress and provide the oxytocin you both crave for. Unforgettable moments can be created by playtime with your pet mate. Memories make a connection. It will improve your relationship to become deeper and stronger. Playing with a pet is also important to prevent anxiety and depression that boredom might cause to animals. Find out what is your pet’s favorite game and do it often. Enjoy your outdoor activities. You both will appreciate the time spent on it!


In nature, animals know a strong social hierarchy. It is the story of a leader and a follower. The follower has boundless trust in a leader and that is why it follows. It is a strong relationship based on confidence and belief. That is the goal you have to achieve with your pet! Be its teacher and leader. Prove your authority. The trust is not given by itself, it has to be earned. Help your pet to develop self-discipline, train it to tricks and commands, and learn how to behave. If you do it well your pet will thank you with unconditional love and respect.


Physical touch is important. Most domestic animals love to be petted. Upgrade the bond between you by having a nice gentle time. If you work remotely, let the pet sit in your lap while working. If watching television, pet the animal beside you. When walking near your pet, bend down and give it a small touch.

Cuddle with your pet every day. Just stop for a minute and forget about the world. Make this minute count in your lives. The pet needs to feel loved like every living being on this planet. You are its provider of happiness so do it with pleasure!


There are contradictory opinions about hand-feeding pets. Some think it has its benefits, some think it might lead to spoiling a pet. What is true is that also might help fast eaters to learn how to eat properly. 

We believe in the balance: hand-feeding might be good if not done very often. Every once in a while to feed your animal by yourself will be enough to improve the bond between you two. So often doing it for the long term would lead to a habit of not eating by itself but depending on an owner’s help.


Hygiene rituals matter. It is not only about keeping your pet clean and healthy but it is also about making a connection. Brush your furry friend regularly. It will be thankful to you because pets know what taking care means. Also, it is additional physical contact and will bring you closer to a higher level.


Never force physical contact with an animal. Lead the signs it gives to you, you will know if it wants to be touched or not. Don’t do things they don’t like. Boundary appreciation is crucial for developing a healthy relationship. Animals as humans also do need personal space (especially cats). You better respect it or regret it (even though we know pets do not respect the owner’s personal space at all!).

Inform yourself and study pets’ body language. Learn how to please it. Encourage it to be confidential and be there for it when feeling insecure or scared. Pet won’t forget that and will repay in its way by giving you all its trust. Trust is the basis of a strong bond. 


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