Female Pit Bulls–how are they as mothers?


What kind of mothers are Pit Bulls? How many puppies do they usually give birth to? Do they have difficulty giving birth and is cesarean section an option? In this text, we will answer these questions.

What are they like as mothers?


A female Pit Bull, like any other female who becomes a mother, has a keen drive to survive and protect her offspring. They are characterized by self-sacrifice, firmness, and strength. In terms of its characteristics, it does not differ significantly from other breeds of dogs. They will always instinctively strive for her to be the first to have a full stomach. Some dogs, depending on their character, will not eat more than they did before pregnancy and childbirth, while some will initially eat less, or a lot more than before. However, that should not worry you. That’s perfectly fine. Everyone’s body is different. They are sacrificed and if they feel that their puppies are threatened, they will warn and attack if necessary.

How long is gravidity (pregnancy) in a Pit Bull mothers?

The pregnancy of a bitch lasts on average from 58 to 63 days. The beginning of pregnancy is counted from the first day of mating.

How many puppies are born on average?

On average, a female Pit gives birth to five puppies (it can be less or more), which depends on the degree of fertility. Genetics has a big influence on that. So if her mother and grandmother gave birth to a large number of puppies, the possibility of this being the case with your female is very high.

Is this the type of dog that predisposes to difficult childbirth?

It’s not. In the case of Pit, the percentage of complications is minimal. This type of dog is considered “natural”, which means that they naturally give birth.

Is there a possibility of cesarean delivery?

Of course, there is. A combination of various circumstances and factors can lead to potential complications, resulting in a cesarean section. However, there is no need to panic. Fortunately, Pit Bull mothers are not known for a large number of such cases. If you find yourself in a situation where this routine intervention must be performed, an experienced veterinarian will complete this procedure with the best possible outcome.

What does an emergency cesarean section require?

As we know from the human world, caesarean section is performed for women when a high degree of risk to the mother or child is assessed, for any reason.

It is the same with animals:

– if an irregular position of the fetus is observed on the ultrasound, this indicates the need for increased caution during childbirth and indicates the potential need for this type of intervention

– lack of amniotic fluid

– if premature birth occurs

How to ensure an orderly pregnancy?

The first and most important thing is adequate living conditions. A space equipped with all the necessary things to make the dog comfortable, a warm room, and a varied diet are necessary especially during pregnancy. Also, daily disinfection of the space where the dog stays is necessary, as well as a space for walking. If you don’t have a big yard, go for a walk in the park together.

However, if you do not follow the recommendations, you are putting your dog at a high risk of fungal and bacterial infections, primarily vaginal ones. This seriously endangers the health of the female, and thus the future puppies. Inflammations that are not treated lead to sterility. And if you are a responsible owner, you don’t want that. Therefore, prevention is the best medicine!

Another very important item is a properly balanced diet. This means: don’t give your dog foods full of additives and artificial colors that people consume, avoid rice and legumes, because they bloat and make digestion difficult, and introduce chicken meat into the diet, let your dog gnaw on bigger bones (never too small”), it is recommended in give carrots in smaller quantities (it gives better quality and shine to the skin and coat), and an apple is also a good choice, but the maximum is half an apple every or every other week, you can also give the dog chicken liver (not fried, but raw).

The third item that people who live with dogs use little or not enough is the use of supplements to maintain the immune and reproductive health of the female. Special support of this type is necessary for them, especially during pregnancy and while nursing puppies.

Important for owners and soon-to-be mothers:

Adequate supplements such as calcium, vitamin C, vitamin-mineral supplement will provide support to the body and help in defense against diseases.

Calcium is consumed faster and in larger quantities during breastfeeding, so it is necessary to add it to the diet during that period.

Take care of your pet’s health.

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