Dogs on summer vacation: tips you should know

Summer is almost here and it is the right time to plan your vacation activities. The sun in your hair, sand between your toes, sea waves, and salty air sounds fabulous. If you are planning to go to the sea together with a dog, here are things you should know before starting your trip. 

Talk to the vet before traveling to vacation

First, you should think about vet consulting. If possible, check for your dog’s health, and if it can travel. You sure want to prevent some unexpected health issues. 

dogs on summer vacation
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Also, it depends on the laws of your country that you might need a travel approval certificate from the vet. He will know if needed and will explain the procedure to you.

It will be a long ride so if your dog has carsickness, talk about it with a vet. You will probably get a receipt for nausea medicaments that might help.

Get your dog a summer hairstyle for vacation

Trim your dog’s hair. It will make it feel comfier. Long fur hair in extremely high temperatures might cause overheating. But, be careful with haircut length because too short is also not good. Brief hair can lead to skin sunburn and that’s what you should avoid. 

Trimming is also important because of the salt in the water. After swimming in the sea, the dog must be properly washed with clean water. It is hard to rinse the salt if the hair is too long. 

Bonus advice: always dry your dog’s ears. Inside of the ears must be freed from water. Otherwise, it might get an ear infection!

Bring food to the vacation!

If your dog is picky about food, make sure you brought a sufficient amount of pet food it usually eats. There are chances you will not find it there to buy exactly what it wants. 

Also, be aware that your dog’s appetite might change because of the trip stress. This is normal as long as it eats at all. 

Dog’s overheating in the car is real 

While traveling, make sure you don’t leave your dog alone in the car. It might overheat or don’t have oxygen enough. In some cases, it might be life-threatening. Always bring your pet out of the car as long as you are out too. And always stay hydrated! 

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Do dogs swim? 

There are some breeds of dogs that are just born to swim! Spanish water dog, Barbet, English Setter, The Poodle, and Irish Water Spaniel are great examples. Short-nosed and short-legged dog breeds are not supposed to be good swimmers (Boxers and Pugs for example). 

But, sometimes it is not up to breed if a dog will be afraid of swimming or not. It depends on your dog’s personality. Give it a chance. 

Just take care to avoid rough water and big waves!

Dog activities on the beach

Just as it is important for you to have fun, it is important for your dog too. Bring some of its favorite toys with it. We recommend buying a beach ball that your dog should catch in the water. Swimming after beach toys is a great activity for your dog and you too will enjoy watching its happiness. 

You should be aware that pets are not welcome on every beach. Some private beaches don’t allow bringing pets. Also, there are some of them where the dog’s presence is allowed only during restricted hours (mostly in the early morning and in the evening). Check it before choosing the beach you are planning to visit. 

What about saltwater poisoning? 

Accidentally drinking a small amount of salty seawater by your dog while swimming will not be dangerous for its health. Same as a human, a few sips are not the problem.

But, drinking a larger amount of seawater is not safe and might cause saltwater poisoning. It might lead to dehydration and in the worst cases to death. Take this as a serious warning. 

The symptoms of saltwater poisoning are: 

  • muscle spasms 
  • body shaking (tremors) 
  • confusion 
  • thirst 
  • nausea 
  • diarrhea 
  • lethargy etc 

If you notice some of these signs in your dog’s behavior, give it fresh water to drink. It will help in most cases. Doing this several times in a short time will compensate for the body water lost by dehydration because of the salt. It is always a good idea to have a bottle of water by yourself while going somewhere with a dog. Offer water often. 

Monitor your dog’s condition for a while. If giving it fresh water isn’t helping then you should take your dog to the vet. Don’t wait too long because it might lead to dehydration, which is dangerous. 

For those who think traveling with a dog is not so good idea

There is no judgment if you decide to go on vacation without your dog. We support whatever you decide. Just make sure there is a good provider for your dog’s care while being absent. 

Maybe a week or two apart will work for you. The happiness when you are back and see each other will be unforgettable!

In the end, don’t be scared by some negative possibilities that might happen. A lot of people travel with their pets every day all across the world! Dogs are especially good travel buds. Everything you read in this article is just for the case to be ready to prevent. We are sure it will be Heaven on Earth for both of you.

We think sharing is caring! Share these beautiful moments with your sidekick. You both will appreciate it. It will make your bond even stronger. 

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