The pet industry is enormously growing day by day. It happens because the number of pets increased all over the world (especially during the Covid pandemic). According to Google, the measure says there are about 470 million dogs and 370 million cats in the world, kept as pets. You can just imagine how large the pet niche is! The pet trends are amazing and creative and always some new is launching. The pet niche became a serious source of earnings for many. The common thing between all of them is the fact they all are trying to improve pets’ lifestyles or health and to create a strong human-animal bond. Here are some of them we think are interesting for you to know: 

Non-traditional pet food 

Estimates are that 66% of dog parents give their animals raw food (the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College). It means that they prefer rough ingredients rather than cooked or mixed dry pet food from pet shops. Raw food is made of assorted fruits and vegetables with meat or cereals. Nutrients remain preserved if the food is not cooked. In this form, it has a high protein content. Some say that it is controversial because raw meat might be bacteria-infected, which cooking usually prevents. However, raw pet food becomes a real trend in 2023. 

Freeze-dried dog food is another increasing pet care trend that is worth mentioning. It is the same as previous raw food but frozen. The water from the ingredients later must be removed. This is the way to save the nutritional value of the food. 

Pet trends and health insurance 

As pet owners nowadays adore their animals and treat them no different than human beings, the trend of pet insurance grows day by day. We consider it one of the greatest pet trends because it contributes to a longer pet’s lifespan and they deserve only the best!

There are several types of pet insurance: lifelong insurance, time-limited insurance, accident-only insurance, and maximum benefit insurance. As in human insurance, you can choose between paying it monthly or yearly and can cancel it at any time. 

Covering veterinary costs saves a lot of money in the case of an accident. It might cover accidents and diseases, diagnostics, alt procedures, cuts, and bites, depending on what you need and how much you are ready to pay. It is especially important to be insured in the case of chronic disease. Not every pet can be insured but cats and dogs mostly can. 

Portraits as pet trends! 

Welcome to the era of personalized pet portraits on the wall! The traditional wall pictures are a matter of history. Real artists have so much work with this trend. 

You can decide if you want your pet in the picture to be in a form of a funny illustration (a pet general or pet queen, or it can be painted in Mona Lisa style) or if you prefer a realistic kind of art. 

As a great decoration item for a home, it became a usual gift to pet pawrents. It is not expensive but it’s unique. Check this trend, you sure will love it! 

Pets social networks 

Pets social networks are not a new trend on the web. We all know there are many pet accounts on different networks (Instagram, Tik tok, Pinterest, etc..). What is interesting is the escalation of the pet industry through these communication channels, every year more and more. Even some pets become paid for being social network models! This is a trend that will never die, as long as there are social networks. It can only grow, but never low. 

Pet Wellness Centres 

Pet wellness is stunningly popular in the world. We understand why is it like that! Our pets are our angels on Earth so they deserve to be treated like ones. Body and mind culture is developing as a part of the pet niche. 

Pet wellness centers are more than just a vet’. It offers different kinds of services such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, dental care, nail care, grooming, etc… A real pet Heaven! It seems like people do love animals and will spend real wealth on them. We can’t blame you! 

Smart collar & matching collars 

Smart collars are very popular with dog and cat owners. The smart collar is a device with a GPS tracker. 

It is not a rare occurrence for pets to lost outside and the purpose of this device is to prevent it. As a kind of wearable technology, it might locate a pet as long as it is wearing this. 

It comes in many sizes, shapes, and designs and even might be personalized. 

Pet trends

By that, we come to another trend linked with this one, which is matching collars. It is well-known that best friends always used to match fashion through time. So now, there is a possibility of buying the same collars, one for a pet and one in the form of an owner’s bracelet. What a funny and lovely trend in 2023!

Pet cremation  

It might seem morbid to talk about it but the fact is that happens all the time. It is better to be prepared when the day comes. The pet loss industry offers several possibilities as new trends in the pet world. 

Many pet parents decide to cremate their passed furry friend. It looks like it is more popular than burial. The urn might be taken to any place that the owner wants it to be. Also, there are pet cemeteries so the urn might be buried too. It is hard to handle loss and grief but it is important to have some technical options, which are pet cremation and burial. 

Remember, it is not a good idea to follow any trend that turns viral. Decide what is best for both of you and your sidekick. Choose the good ones that make time with your pet special and unforgettable! 

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